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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Tascosa High School Class of 1967


Looking forward to seeing all our old mature classmates in Amarillo thought we would update you. If it has been a while since you have been to Amarillo, not much has changed. Thought we would let you know the following:

    • You can go to “Stanley’s” for a sandwich but it is now a Denny’s.

    • You could run around the corner to “Dino’s “on Woflin but it’s a Gymnastic business.

    • Might try the other “Dino’s” on 6th Street across from “Smitty’s “but it is now a parking lot for an apartment complex and “Smitty’s “is a thrift store.

    • Could head down 6th Street to Polk and then to “The Double Dip” but it is now the new gym for Polk Street Methodist Church

    • No problem, on to “The Hi-D-Ho” on 16th but it is now the parking lot for a retirement center.

    • Where can I get a sandwich? Aa-ha! the “bowling alley” across from the old high school but it is now parking for the Tascosa. How about the “Pizza Hut” south of the school, what……an office supply?

    • I know, “The Café Capri” on Plains Blvd, oh no, it’s now a clothes cleaner business. Wonder where Walter Smith is now and the old board recording who ate the large pizza the fastest and the huge wine bottle candle holder that we all pressed pennies into that was at the checkout counter.

    • Maybe Shakey’s for some pizza and Mojo Taters on Amarillo Blvd, nope, closed too.

    • Let’s try “Myer’s Fried Chicken” where the original big chicken was, now a car dealership.

    • Across Georgia to the “Char Kel”, wow, another car lot.

    • Ok, on to “The Burger Barrel” next to Richard Oliver’s Saddle Shop. It’s still there! Burgers only!

    • Maybe “Evelino’s Hideaway” is open, nope it’s an antique store now.

    • Let’s see…where else did we take dates to???? “Gold Tree Room” on top of the Bank of the Southwest. Closed…… “The Embers” is Tia Kwando studio. “Sammy’s Steak House” at 15th and the Canyon E way, now a vacant lot. What about “Twing’s Drive” In on north Filmore, car dealership. Could the old “Ranger Drive In” be open, nope, car parts company now.

    • Maybe something at “Western Plaza Mall”, wait, it’s gone too. Like I said, not much has changed!

Like I said, not much has changed!